Master CC® Online

5 sessions of 2 hours to optimize your prescriptions on the CC Pro® software



Module I – November, Thursday 18th 2021
Module II – November, Thursday 25th 2021
Module III – December, Thursday 2nd 2021
Module IV – December, Thursday 9th 2021
Module V – December, Thursday 16th 2021

Timetable 08.00 pm – 10.00 pm

(live sessions, no records)


Zoom platform

Educational objective
To be able to manage all the functionalities and tools of the Clin Check Pro® software in order to optimise prescriptions by reducing the requests for modifications to the technicians before and during the treatment and to gain in predictibility.

Public and pre-requisites
Qualified dental surgeon practising in exclusive orthodontics already using the Invisalign® thermoformed aligners technique

Skills and competencies
Continuing education to progress with the technique by optimising prescriptions and improving predictability and clinical outcomes through practice and coaching from trainers

Education methods and tools
Methods: demonstrative (theoretical bases), heuristic (collaborative elaboration of prescriptions), applicative (implementation of the acquired knowledge on one’s own cases with the support of the trainers)
Tools: A laptop computer to access the IDS (Invisalign Doctor Site) interface and the ClinCheck Pro® software as well as a broadband Internet connection are necessary for the training.
Live sessions – no record

Monitoring and evaluation
Evaluation on entry: Refer to the registration form (10 questions)
At the end of the course, in order to evaluate and analyse the knowledge acquired, the candidates will answer a multiple choice test in a limited time.
Participants will sign electronic attendance sheets. A certificate of attendance and a paid invoice will be given to each trainee

Registration and numbers
Registration possible until 15.11.2021 – Registration and payment on the website only / Minimum number of trainees 20 – maximum 100

1000€ excl. (not subject to v.a.t.)
Referenced training by Datadock

Additional info

DW Training – 52 rue des archives – 75004 PARIS.
SIRET 824 537 831 00011 / Declaration of activities 11755560675


Training programme – 5 sessions / 10 h
given as an indication, the order of presentation of the modules can be modified

Module 1 ° Prescription – CC Pro® 6.0 Features and New Features – Tips and Tricks
Module 2 ° Case class I DDM – Béances – Supraclusions
Module 3 ° Sagittal direction – Class II – Class III – Different scenarios
Module 4 ° Growing patients, advice and tips
Module 5 ° Complex cases – Surgery – Teeth included


I Module 1
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18.11/16.12.2021 > Online (Zoom)
II Module 2
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18.11/16.12.2021 > Online (Zoom)
III Module 3
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18.11/16.12.2021 > Online (Zoom)
IV Module 4
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18.11/16.12.2021 > Online (Zoom)
V Module 5
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18.11/16.12.2021 > Online (Zoom)


David Couchat
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Waddah Sabouni
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Master CC® Online

€1000 French

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18.11/16.12.2021 > Online (Zoom)


10 hours