EUMAA & Friends day

Advanced course for doctors already certified who would like to become experts with Invisalign®


Annual event with international experts

Treatments by aligners up-to-Date
/ Décembre 2019 – Paris
Pr. Ravindra Nanda (USA)
Dr Skander Ellouze (TUNISIA)
Dr Kenji Ojima (JAPAN)

Can I really treat this with Invisalign®?
/ Septembre 2018 – Paris
Dr. Manal Ibrahim (USA)

Teen treatments
/ Juin 2018 – Marseille
Drs. Sam Daher (USA) & Dr. Kenji Ojima (JAPAN)

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David Couchat

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Waddah Sabouni

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EUMAA & Friends day

€500 English - French

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1 day